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NEW - Mixed Media, Canvas & Glass Fusion

With my love of painting and fused glass, I thought how would it be if I mixed the two? Well it works, having exhibited at the Oxmarket recently, the comments were very positive about my 'Heart's Desire' painting (below) and lots of curiosity about how I cut and attached the glass figures onto the painting.

A little background to 'Heart's Desire,' the painting represents my life in California, the beach huts the UK, the figures are members of my family, the hearts the love of not only my family, where I lived too, and the reflections what life reflects back to us if only we could see.

This isn't the first time I have played with this concept, I produced an abstract painting with sail boats in clear fused glass titled 'Windy Day' and also 'The Guitarist' where a Picasso like abstract sat behind a clear fused glass guitarist.

You can see in the photo to the right, the way I have raised the glass away from the canvas so the light and shadows can play behind the image.

I am currently working on individual images of people on separate canvases, each figure representing a different activity with the appropriate abstract behind.

Keep coming back to my blog for updates and further images.

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