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Happy New Year!

My goodness where does the time go, one minute I was exhibiting before Christmas and now we are well and truly into the New Year. New Year's Resolutions, no not me, I'm more concerned about having a plan to develop and grow Reay Art. Before Christmas I decided to purchase a book online, 'The Maker's Yearbook 2020' never did until today. I think to have a plan to follow is important and this book seems to have it all, including keeping you on track - we will see.

I have let lapse belonging to an art group - a method to keep one's creativity flowing and to provide a little discipline. I need to get back into one, and will be exploring what line of art/medium I would like to follow.

I have been busy over the holiday season making more abstract faces, in a smaller size, had feedback that people would like a smaller version brooch. I too decided to have a go at producing some mini abstracts in glass, these may or may not turn into brooches or they may get mounted on mini canvases as pieces of art.

This year I hope to explore more in turning some of my paintings into pieces of art in glass, always a challenge to think about the best approach and to 'play' remembering it is not the finished product but the journey that can be so much fun!

Here's wishing you all a very Happy New Year from Tournon D'Agenais in France and may all of your dreams, aspirations and unleashed creativity come forth.

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