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I realised that many of us are in the 'rat race,' have little if any time to escape and play, to explore our creativity, and to have FUN.

Some interesting 'creativity' facts:

  • Creativity strengthens the brain

  • Creativity leads to optimism and solution-focused thinking - producing ways of thinking that are focused on 'what’s possible' rather than 'what is.'

  • Research is proving what artists, makers and innovative minds have been saying all along – that if you practice creativity, it leads to a multitude of mental, physical and emotional benefits.

  • People tend to consider creativity something that you either have or don’t. Statements like “Wow, you’re so lucky to be creative. I wish I was like that!” perpetuate the idea that being creative is something inborn, inherent, and immovable. Creativity isn’t an innate quality that someone is born with or without, it’s a skill that people can develop with practice.

  • The biggest myth about creativity is that it isn’t important and that it can’t be learned. In fact, it is one of the most important skills we can master - it means a happier, healthier you!

With the above in mind, my focus is on how to gain more hours for creativity, fun and improving my health for 2023 - want to join me?


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