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Fused Glass Weave Mold.jpg
Glass Weaving.jpg
Alternative Woven Glass.JPG
Have you realised you can weave glass, that's right 'weaving'...

May 2023


Here at Reay Art we are going to begin to explore the wonderful world of woven fused glass.  Keep checking this website for the 'Special' day.

In order to weave glass you have to have a 'Weave Mold,' this ensures the correct spacing for your glass, see image top left.

You will need 3mm 90COE Coloured Bullseye glass cut into strips approximately 1cm thick by the length of the mold.  Choosing the colours and designing your pattern probably takes the most time.  See centre image left.

There are other ways to create the illusion of woven glass, created without the weave mold see the bottom image left... come back to Reay Art's website to learn more and sign up for that Special Woven Glass workshop coming soon!


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