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NEW - Yachts

Some time ago a wood turner friend made me some sail boat bases. They have sat in my studio gathering dust for a while now, and I was rummaging for something else when I came across them. Time to produce some sails for those little 'puppies.'

I wanted to keep the design simple, and something that reflects the spinnaker on a yacht, also I had a number of 'scraps' which were filling up my colourful waste box. I know, I know "What!" you say, "You didn't cut all of those intricate pieces," no and it can be as difficult making a mosaic out of scraps as it can actually cutting. Bits just won't fit! You will be pleased to hear that the stripy sail I did cut together with the base Tekta sail shapes and mast.

Then the fun begins, after fusing how are you going to attach them to the base? Well let me tell you, I have learnt something new how to make a template regarding positioning, drilling, and chiseling, the latter a very new experience!

There are only three at the moment, more to come and in different colours. I hope you like them...

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