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Winter is Fast Approaching...

Charcoal and pastel of a frost Winter scene

I just love Winter, when we have those cold frosty mornings and the sun is shining.

Been working with charcoal and pastels in my art classes, such fun and I really enjoy the way you can blend both to soften the edges. Still challenging especially around perspective, something I feel I am not the only one to struggle with.

Had a creative block on Saturday - have you ever had one of those? I was going to cut some glass, crazy nothing inspired me and even though I pulled out a few of my drawings, absolutely nothing grabbed me. One of those 'Blank Canvas' moments. The best thing in those circumstances is to walk away, not fight it, and come back another day. I'm sure the creative juices will flow again soon.

I think I am going to try and reproduce the Frosty Trees picture in glass as well as the one come back and see if I have been successful.

Abstract charcoal and pastel on paper.

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