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Further experiments in the studio...

My goodness doesn't time fly when you are having fun! I have been busy in the studio experiementing with different techniques, inclusions, working just with frits and seeing how far I can push the boat out...mmmm there have been success and failures, how disappointing to open the kiln to find your hard work in two halves or that it hasn't quite come out the way you expected - that is the fun of glass fusion you are never sure.

The small trees seemed popular, therefore I have ventured into trying to make larger trees that can hang on the wall - let's face it there is only so much shelf/table space.

I am trying to create more 'art' pieces, something that can be hung and it is interesting to see if I can create one of my paintings into a 'glass painting.' We will see, so do come back and visit my blog, you never know there might be something that catches your eye.

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