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Hello, welcome to my diary

Welcome to my 'Blog' diary. I thought it might be fun to create a diary of my daily activities around art and glass fusion.

So here we are day one and so far this week has been quite exciting. I have now completed my National Certificate in Further Education (NCFE) Level II Award in Glass, well at least I have presented my final project (see picture). It has been an interesting journey and I cannot believe that a year has passed. I have learnt an enormous amount on the journey, and had a few challenges with the Skutt 14 kiln. Seriously thinking about signing up for Level III another year, only this time I require a client to work with...any offers? The project has enspired me to continue to explore reproducing my artwork in 3D Glass and to push the envelope.

You know it doesn't matter how many times you cut glass there is always an 'Off Day', when the glass seems to have a mind of its own and the glass breaks in completely the wrong direction. Such a frustrating time, and can be costly if working with an expensive piece of glass. Best to down tools and start again another day.

That is it for today, more tomorrow, have a great day!


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